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Welcome to my world of disconnected environmental, community and family projects.

I have been working in the renewable energy field for a number of years and this web site has been set up to give you a flavour of some of the projects that I have been involved in both professionally and as a keen, but slightly mad, DIY fanatic.


Mikes words of prejudice

The politics of money


A recently published Oxfam report highlights that 85 of the world’s richest individuals own more than the poorest 50% of the global population. Also within the report 5 of Britain’s wealthiest families own more than the poorest 20% of the UK. How come we still vilify the likes of Arthur Scargill as the enemy within: when in reality he was wrong Thatcher did not want to close half the pits she close them all. Scargill was only trying o defend peoples right to a wage and the dignity of a job. The stark difference between our attitudes of these 2 groups is scary. I would conclude that many people see trade union leaders as wreckers and in it only to line their own pockets, when in reality the 5 wealthiest families have probably ripped us off with greater audacity to any union leader.


How have we been successfully hoodwinked for 30 odd years not to see the evils of capitalist greed. Politicians are hated with a vitriol beyond compare but the wealthiest are just wealth creation “God’s”. Why have bankers and the financial system ripped us off with such ease and almost goodwill. A lovely example of the amount of money that was lost in the 2008 financial crisis is that, I believe that the global financial elite ripped us off of something in the order of $1 trillion; how much is that? $1 million in $50 bills would fill the average kitchen table to a depth of about two a half inches. I can visualise that it makes sense. Using the same scale, $1 trillion on the same table would be 72 miles high. But the main perpetrators of our woes and not the rich thieving bastards who’ve stolen so much but the poor immigrants and benefit thieves of Eastern Europe. How can this be, isn’t it time we all opened our eyes to the evil of the mega rich and how they steal from us all with impunity. Nigel Farage is no man of the people he is a privileged rich bastard, the son of a stockbroker, like the rest of the Tory party.


Socialism seems to be dead and there is no alternative to big business and capitalism but if we don’t find an alternative we will implode. There must be a better way to have a fair and balanced society, I for one am fed up with making the rich richer.


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