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Welcome to my world of disconnected environmental, community and family projects.

I have been working in the renewable energy field for a number of years and this web site has been set up to give you a flavour of some of the projects that I have been involved in both professionally and as a keen, but slightly mad, DIY fanatic.


Mikes words of prejudice

Wheat Belly by Dr William Davies

 book cover

I was encouraged to read this book and thought it was worth sharing my review:

Dr William Davis has really got me excited about his premise,  in Wheat Belly,  that many of our eating and health problems can be linked back to our over indulgences in carbohydrates, more specifically wheat.  The grains that man first cultivated 10,000 years ago are very different from the agrochemical corporate produced wheat of the twenty first century.  If fact wheat has changed more in the last 60 years than perhaps at any time in our evolution.  In the USA & Britain in particular we are addicted to a wheat based diet.  Every meal can be dominated by wheat, cereal and toast or muffin etc for breakfast, sandwich for lunch and pasta or pizza for evening meal.  Many of us could and have eaten like this for years.

There seems to be a strong correlation between our level of wheat consumption and our obesity rates.  Is the whole grain foods are good for you approach right? Dr Davies has produced some compelling arguments with research that has convinced me to try his approach and cut out wheat.  I am going to see the impact of no wheat and reduced other carbs can have on my health and well being.  If you are interested in any aspect of healthy eating this book is a must read, even if you then reject it.

Interesting detail can be found at http://www.wheatbellyblog.com/


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